Friday, February 10, 2012

For The Love of All Things Vintage

Now sipping... Palmes D'or. But some things become more interesting with age. Love for vintage. In this closet:

The cameras.
Six-20 Brownie Special, Ansco B2 Speedx, Kodak Monitor Camera 25B50T100 January 7, 1913
The wine.
Chateau Tour Martillac 1967, Gevrey Chambertin 1982, Chateau Beauchene Pomerol 1981, Cheteau De Pez 1970, Vietti Barbarseco 1993, Chateau Mouton Rothcshild (Picasso covered) 1973, Ruffino Chianti 1959, Chateau Haut-Bonneau 1978, Chateau Potelle Rivera 2002

My spell checker just blessed me out in French and Italian. It's probably as incorrect as I.