Sunday, October 30, 2011

Crayfish Gumbo: Unbleached Flour For Roux?

Crayfish Gumbo: Unbleached Flour For Roux - Maybe no difference at all actually. I guess I just prefer unbleached glue in my stomach. Still cooked well. Now, if I could just get off of white flour in general. A nice rice/oatmeal type flour would be awesome!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Penthouse Savannah Boots - Perfect Lady Gaga Costume

Go Gaga this Halloween or anytime in these brand new black patent leather faux lace-up D-ring stiletto boots. Falling just below the knee with a sleek side zipper, this 4 inch high boot with multi rings and straps is a Women's size 9 Penthouse by Ellie spectacular as seen in magazines, Entertainment Weekly 4.2.10, on stage and across the web. These boots are manufactured as "medium" width but run slightly more narrow than average medium width shoes.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Switching Calendars: Yahoo to Outlook

For Javi (and anyone else that doesn't care much for the latest Yahoo upgrade or update):
In Yahoo calendar select 'options' from the right side, go to 'share calendar' then to 'other ways to share'. Click the link under 'ICS Link' and save it. In Outlook go to 'File' then to 'Import and Export' then 'Import from ICalendar'. It just sounds a bit messy but you'll get the job done!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Debit Card Ditch Column

The article: Smartmoney Ditch Debit Card - Bank of America is a headache waiting to happen but then again, so is Visa for the most part. I placed an order for furniture online (several thousand dollars worth) and the company, Elliot's of Rancho Dominguez California, was running a few months behind schedule and thought it best to lie about production and delivery date. The only way that I could get a message through to them was to call, blocking my number, email with a secondary address or use their online chat feature with a fictitious handle. After about a month of non-sense I decided to try and file a claim and get my money back. Having unfortunately used a Bank of America debit card with a Visa logo on it, I'd call one company and they would tell me to call the other. B of A claimed not to be able to do anything but so did Visa. Luckily for everyone, my order was eventually filled (2 months late with no excuse or apology, nothing.) Right when I was about to contact "The Boy in The Grey Box." The only one that could have and would have fix that situation. I say NAY to debit cards.