Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sinus, Surgery & Swimming

Sinus, Surgery & Swimming:
 I miss the days gone by where all of my doctors were under one roof, on one payroll, with one mission; to help. My current G.P. doesn't even know my blood type after all of the blood-work that I've had done over the past year and a half of finally seeing doctors again for the first time since childhood. He told me if I wanted to know, ahem, the best way to find out is by going and donating at a blood bank...Yes, this is because I have insurance now but I'm not going to make this a habit, visiting doctors that is.
 I had never been able to safely swim or free dive without holding or plugging my nose until after my recent surgery. Previously, water would rush in unless I was blowing outward, had a pincher on or just trying REALLY hard not to let it in. Now it's a breeze and I'm floored by it. Might this be attributed to my deviated septum correction? Balance of airflow due my turbinate reduction? It's absolutely amazing swimming now none-the-less. And right when I'm about to leave Florida. :(  Let me not forget to mention singing is no longer a labor intensive chore! Having braces has made simply vocalizing like Carol Burnett quite a task. But as we all know, doing things the hard way first and the norm later makes makes our activities that much greater!
 I'm glad the surgery went fairly well and is over. That hospital was not a place for a lady I assure you. Sans underthings, back-open gown in a coed waiting area! So they closed the curtain for me. Whoopie! LoL! Too late, I had already seen some things I truly wish I hadn't. Taking the good with the bad, smelling the... "fondue-due" just as well as the flowers now. I am thankful for my nearly normal sense of smell and breathing. I didn't realize how bad it was nor remember how great it used to be until I had it somewhat corrected.
 Always giving praise and thanks.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Springtime Indoors Photoshoot

I had a wonderful time working with models Lauren Poole, Justina Greiciute and the whole crew. Everyone was just fantastic and fun to work with.These are my absolute favorite type of photo shoots to do. Concept, theme, character, I'm in! :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Cheese Bowl Tuna Salad :)

A quick yummy lunch. I made cheese bowls by heating the cheese in the oven (the microwave is easier) and letting them cool into bowl shapes over drinking glasses. Of course I found my ramekins afterwards which do work much better!
My cheese by tuna salad today contains:

Tuna Fish
Orange Pepper
Red Onion
Black Pepper
Fish Sauce
Peanut Sauce
And a little Korean Kimchee Sauce for kick :)

Next time I'll nix the sauces and just go with lemon and a little Himalayan sea salt.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

DIY Leather Purse - Recycled Leather Jacket

I decided to take an old leather jacket and go green with it! I had some fabric left over from some pants I altered and decided I wanted to make some matching accessories (a bracelet may be next.)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tea Party

Yes, I'm grown but I still love to play tea party. It's not really playing I suppose. I love 1001 Nights Tea, roasted green with brown rice, Rooibos (super healthy) and Hibiscus to name a few.
I love old and odd tea sets although I don't have much information about them. One says Macau on the back, the others say Bavaria Schumann Arzberg Germany and Winterling Schwarzenbach Bavaria Germany on them.

I recently came into possession of the dinnerware from Yamaka China (Antique Rose) that I remembered using as a child! That will sit next to the Gildhar set. :D I need more cabinet space...

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Leathernu - Leather Furniture Repair

Leathernu - Leather Furniture Repair DIY
I bought a box of Leathernu several months ago and I finally got around to trying it out on my poor helpless WHITE couch. Now I know why people don't buy white couches or even worse, bonded leather. (IE bonded pleather; it's either leather or it's not, lesson learned.) Leathernu works like a charm but will probably take me a few applications to get the swing of it. Since this was a first time testing it out, I didn't mix the colors to get the off-white I needed for my couch on the second layer and it DOES show. I will be doing a third coat or layer of coloring and use the pointy white tip to mix some of the brown in before applying it directly to the chair. I will then clean and condition the whole piece with my Leather Therapy and leather oil condition that I usually get from the tac shop but you can get them through the link down below also. Good luck with your project!
Leather Therapy