Monday, March 5, 2012

Bahamas Beach in The Stock Gallery

Photos added to the stock/commercial photography gallery showcasing some of the beautiful scenery that the Bahamas Harbour Island and Pink Sand Beach are famous for.

Semi underwater shots of the sunrise and some interesting seaweed as well.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cell Phone Reception Enhancer Products and Services Information

Cell Phone Reception Enhancer Products and Services
The following information was gathered from the various cell phone service
providers as of 11/16/11. These are just products and services that each provider offers in connection with cell reception.

ATT: 3G MicroCell booster available – Contact a local ATT wireless store or call
the 800 support # for more info. Cost of the MicroCell is approximately $200 but
call ATT for more information and whether the device can be rolled into a current
plan. There is an ATT link for more info on the MicroCell:
Verizon: “Network Extender” available – visit Verizon wireless on-line under
“Accessories” for more info (scroll down to the bottom of the page). You can
order the device either on-line or by calling 800/256-4646. Cost of the Network
Extender is approximately $250, but call Verizon for more info and inquire if the
device can be added to a current plan.
Sprint: “Airave® Access Point” available – for more info visit, go to
“Support” then “Devices” then scroll down to “Sprint” or put “Airave” in the Search
box. Also, you can go to enter your address to
find out about coverage. Call Sprint @ 866/866-7509 for pricing and more info.
T-Mobile: T-Mobile recommends its WiFi Calling in connection with reception
issues. This requires a Wi-Fi enabled phone, wireless router and broadband
internet service. See T-Mobile’s site for more info, go to “Coverage” then “Wi-Fi
Calling.” Or contact your local T-Mobile store.