Saturday, November 16, 2013

Leathernu - Leather Furniture Repair

Leathernu - Leather Furniture Repair DIY
I bought a box of Leathernu several months ago and I finally got around to trying it out on my poor helpless WHITE couch. Now I know why people don't buy white couches or even worse, bonded leather. (IE bonded pleather; it's either leather or it's not, lesson learned.) Leathernu works like a charm but will probably take me a few applications to get the swing of it. Since this was a first time testing it out, I didn't mix the colors to get the off-white I needed for my couch on the second layer and it DOES show. I will be doing a third coat or layer of coloring and use the pointy white tip to mix some of the brown in before applying it directly to the chair. I will then clean and condition the whole piece with my Leather Therapy and leather oil condition that I usually get from the tac shop but you can get them through the link down below also. Good luck with your project!
Leather Therapy

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